Adult/Teen Sunday School Classes

Our Adult/Teen Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:00am.

Current Classes

9:30am—1 & 2 Kings: How Things Fall Apart: Hope in the Midst of Cultural Disintegration. Taught by Pastor Nate

Growing up reading the Bible, I was always drawn to the stories found in the historical books. Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Chronicles, and Kings were among some of my favorites. At the time, it was because they were some of the more exciting books for an avid reader of fantasy and other stories. They had action and heroes and conflict – all the hallmarks of the good fairy stories. 

But as an adult, more questions began to arise about their inclusion in the big picture story of the Bible. People I thought of as heroes and main characters when I was a child actually did awful things and failed time and time again. At some point I realized that these people were not being praised. Rather, their failings were being recorded in full color. But why?

The books of First and Second Kings continue to tell the story of this downward spiral of the nation of Israel, and by them, the continued downward spiral of humanity. But the Biblical authors do not intend to bludgeon us with hopelessness. Rather, in linking these stories with the redemptive narrative of the Bible, they show us how and where to find hope in the midst of things falling apart. 

11:00am—Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers. Taught by Pastor Craig & Daniel Pratt

With all that is going on in your world and the world, are you feeling weary? If so, your feelings are understandable. As you read this and think about all the people in your life, do you have a sense of being alone or not feeling fully understood? Me, too. In spite of all our flaws to know ourselves or know one another, I have good news. You are deeply understood and known. But I don’t mean by me or someone else at Sunset. Someone else knows you and what you need most. This person invites you into a deep and trusting relationship. This person is approachable, accessible, and humble. His deepest instinct, His heart, is gentle and lowly. You can simply show up, weariness and all, and Jesus Christ meets you right there. Want to learn more about Christ’s heart? Join us in the upcoming 11am Adult and Teen Sunday School Class to dive deep into understanding Christ’s heart for sinners and sufferers. Pastor Craig Alford and Daniel Pratt will be co-teaching this class, guided by Pastor Dane Ortlund’s excellent book on this very topic.