Adult/Teen Sunday School Classes

Our Adult/Teen Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:00am.

Current Classes

Classes begin May 5th, and will run for six weeks.

9:30am – Laborers for the Field: Jesus’ Teaching on Missions in Matthew 10 – Taught by Pastor Craig

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).” These words have inspired Christians for two thousand years to tell their neighbors and to leave their homes and go elsewhere to make disciples of Jesus. Studies of this passage and the implications of it often look to what happened after and the various instructions and examples set forth by the Apostles. These studies certainly have great value. But is that all the material that the Bible gives us to learn from? Was Jesus’ command completely unprecedented?

This class will build on the Sermon on the Mount class just completed and examine Jesus’ second major teaching section in the book of Matthew. The Great Commission in Matthew 28 builds from Jesus’ earlier commissioning of the disciples in Matthew 10 as Jesus sends his disciples as laborers into the harvest. Jesus prepares his disciples for the trials they will face, the family relationships that will be put at risk, and the fears they will experience as they go out an represent him to a lost world in need of the gospel.

11:00am – A Biblical Understanding of Mental Health and Illness – Taught by Pastor Matt and Daniel Pratt

There is no shortage of “answers” out there on how to define mental health and address mental illness. It can be hard to decide where to focus. There are many questions to answer. For example, where does one turn when they are lost, confused, overwhelmed, or suffering in ways and with symptoms they don’t understand and can’t begin to describe? Is the church a place, and are you a person, that people can trust to turn to when they need help the most? What does the Bible say about mental health? How should we, as believers, navigate a mental illness diagnosis for ourselves or someone close to us? Regardless of your answers, we ALL need help and each other in this area. Mental health is too big and complex of a topic to face alone. You may be surprised, but the Bible has a lot to say about the mental worlds we live in, it just uses different terms. Join us in our new Sunday School class as we consult what the Bible has to say about mental illness.