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Fear, Worry and the God of Rest

March 19th & 20th 

This March, we are looking forward to our annual Biblical Counseling Seminar.  Our title this year is, “Fear, Worry, and The God of Rest” Our main text is Edward Welch’s book, “Running Scared: Fear, Worry and the God of Rest” which several of us are reading. 
Do you struggle with anxiety, or do you know someone else who does? Join us on Friday evening, March 19, and Saturday, March 20 as together we work on these topics.


Cost:  No registration cost. Donations can be given for lunch. The recommended books is $15 and can be purchased at the Welcome Center during worship services.
Book: “Running Scared: Fear, Anxiety, and the God of Rest” — by Edward Welch
When & Where: March 19 & 20 at The Station (7909 40th Street W, University Place, WA 98466)

Friday 7:00-8:30 pm (Introduction + Panel Discussion) 
Saturday 9:30 am – 3:00 pm Sessions 2 & 3 + workshops, and lunch included (donation basis) 

Childcare: Yes (by request)
Do I Need to RSVP? Yes, please contact the church office or sign up at the Welcome Center Sunday morning. 
Who Can Attend? The conference is open to those who do not regularly attend Sunset Bible Church. Our content will be presented from a Christian worldview and is primarily designed to equip those who would profess faith in Christ. We encourage attendees to read the books prior to the conference, though this is not a requirement.

Why Biblical Counseling?

Did you know that most people going through a difficult season seek out a friend before a professional counselor? Additionally, studies have shown that the help of friends often has as good of a success rate as from a counselor. Because of this we decided to start offering an annual Biblical Counseling Weekend intended to equip our members to be an effective friend. Some of our Biblical Counseling Weekends have focused on the topic of counseling, while others have focused on specific topics such as parenting or marriage. This year we are excited to focus on the topic of Anxiety.
This will be a great weekend for anyone who is currently struggling with Anxiety AND it will also be an excellent resource for anyone who has friends and family currently living with anxiety. Image[/cs_content_seo]