Area 57

for Students grades 5 through 7

Area 57 is our ministry for students in grades 5 through 7. Area 57 consists of two main ministries: our Thursday night Venture Clubs and our Sunday morning Bible classes. 

Sunday classes

Each Sunday during the 9:30am hour we have our Bible class.  These classes teach through the Bible and help students understand the big story of the Bible, who God is, and how that relates to their lives. We work hard to make our classes interactive and approachable for this age group.  

venture clubs

Venture Clubs is our midweek program for youth up to 7th grade. As part of this, Area 57 has their own lesson time and activities. We use Venture Club's Voyagers book which has a topical approach to lessons. 


Beyond Sunday classes and Venture Clubs, we see great importance in helping our students form meaningful relationships, whether peer-to-peer or with our adult volunteers.  Game nights, special events, and field trips provide a unique space to help build those relationships. Be on the lookout for our next outing this summer! 

Summer Reading Plan: We continue to encourage our students to develop the discipline of reading their Bible. Download the plan here: Download the Bible Reading Plan