The End is Just the Beginning

By Jacob Martens I am writing again from the Glessners’ backyard, and this will be my last chance to write from Mexico. I have been thinking about the way the houses are situated in Mexico; they seem to start on the sidewalk if not the curb, and concrete or brick walls make up the fences. […]

Getting into a Routine

by Jacob Martens As I write this, I already have catchy kids’ tunes stuck in my head (Cristo es mi superheroe, mi amigo, el mejor), and Karen is playing Sunset’s daycamp music, so my soundtracks are mixing (I am remarkably made). After the day camp is over, we drive or walk to the Glessner’s house […]

Feeling the Warmth

by Jacob Martens We had been studying about warm and cold cultures before we left on our mission, and now we are experiencing the warmth. It has little to do with the weather; in fact, most days, the temperatures are nearly the same between University Place and Puebla. One warm culture element has impressed me […]

Joining the Family

by Felina Martens Hi Sunset family! I am writing this two days after my dad, Jacob’s entry. Its amazing how eventful this week has been, and it’s only Monday.  This trip has been really thought-provoking. Being my first time out of the country, I had the idea that Mexico would be like a whole new […]

The Start of Ministry

By Pastor Tyler Pease Greetings to our friends and family back home. We appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to work in Puebla, Mexico. This is going to be a quick update so it may have a few grammatical errors! It has been a privilege to see the ministry here and be invited […]

Seeing the City

By Jacob Martens This summer, Sunset Bible Church has sent a team of 14 teens and adults to Puebla, Mexico, in order to partner with long-term missionaries Tim and Barbara-Lee Glessner and their three children. Over the next few days, we’ll be updating you with news to give you more specific prayer requests for the […]