Mid-Week Update

We finally have a chance to update our blog. Our limited time with cell coverage in town means most updates are going to Facebook via our phones. Editing the blog is more difficult as it requires a computer. If you want to check out more pictures feel free to visit https://www.facebook.com/sunsetbible.church?fref=photo A quick update on our […]


Just finished lunch in ritzville. next stop, Missoula!

And we’re off!

We got a good start this morning. Currently we are at I-90 mile marker 100. We are on phase 2 of our seating arrangements and everybody has been paired up with their VBS teams to prepare while on the road.

Missions Trip to Montana

Welcome to our blog for the 2014 youth mission trip to Montana. Our hope is to update this blog during the trip but that will depend on internet access. Here’s the latest info about the trip: We are thankful for the opportunity to represent Sunset Bible Church and the Lord Jesus Christ as 18 adults […]