Following on our last post from Felina Martens, here are some reflections from Graham Kosylo:

After the final day of VBS, our team gathered with the local teens who helped out, and we had a get together at the Glessner’s house. The night started with board games and arm wrestling. However, the night ended very differently. After a young man in the church shared his testimony, everyone there broke out into circles of prayer. We prayed for strength, for direction, and we gave thanks that we always will have each other. Before we knew it, we were overcome with emotion and started to cry. 

We began encouraging one another, as well as extending a shoulder to cry on. I was incredibly touched to see the love that was shared between each other. We were able to seek comfort and prayer in the arms of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was a moment I won’t soon forget.

I really enjoyed seeing God’s love being poured throughout the night. We were able to overcome any differences we may have had between us, and we were able to focus on serving God and each other. The night was a little taste of what I imagine Heaven will be like. A group of dedicated believers worshiping God with all their heart. It was a truly beautiful experience.