We finally have a chance to update our blog. Our limited time with cell coverage in town means most updates are going to Facebook via our phones. Editing the blog is more difficult as it requires a computer. If you want to check out more pictures feel free to visit https://www.facebook.com/sunsetbible.church?fref=photo

A quick update on our week. So far everyone is healthy and in good spirits. Our team is working hard. We wake up pretty early to spend devotional time together and then grab breakfast before the 40 minute drive into town. We arrive at Augusta Community Church at about 8:30am and get ready for VBS from 9 to noon. Afterwards, we head back to Montana Wilderness School of the Bible where we enjoy lunch and then work hard on various projects until dinner. The high altitude and 90 degree weather make for some pretty exhausting work. Fortunately, the campus is very nice and we have ample opportunity to get showers, jump in the pool, or take an hour tube ride down the ice cold river. Our evenings are filled with dinner, chapel (where the schools staff have been sharing with us), VBS prep and some free time. Busy!

Friday will be our final VBS. We will enjoy a BBQ lunch with parents and kids afterward and will then spend some time in the town of Augusta. Saturday will be a work day and Sunday will be spent with the church. Pastor Tyler will be preaching. Pastor Stephen will lead worship with a few of our team members, and several of our teens have been asked to do children’s church.