Where We are Going

a brief history

Sunset Bible Church is a growing congregation. We were planted nearly 50 years ago and over the years have had our ups and downs. Needing to accomodate for growth, we moved from our original facilities to Narrows View Intermediate School in 2005. For nine and a half years we continued to grow in the school while looking for permanent facilities. In 2015, we purchased and remodeled the former firestation on 40th Street West which is where we currently worship. Today, we continue to grow. The following is our mission, vision, and values that we have identified for this next season of our congregation's life. 

Our Mission

Sunset Bible Church exists to proclaim and to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, here in the heart of the Northwest and around the world. In this broken world, we desire to be a family for those who are seeking, a doorway of hope for those who come to faith in Christ, and a place of growth as we are equipped to live out God’s purposes for us.

Our vision

In the next ten years, we envision ourselves equipping believers for gospel growth, which will allow us to maximize ministry in University Place, and eagerly reach into neighboring communities and beyond.

Equipping believers will mean that every person at Sunset will live with clarity about and obedience to the Great Commission. We will identify, train, and release experienced leaders for the work of the ministry at an ever-increasing pace, resulting in a pipeline of leaders for our broadening, multi-generational ministry.


Maximizing ministry in University Place will involve saturating the region in which God has placed us, to serve our community and growing congregation in greater capacity. This will include improving, expanding, and finding innovative ways to use our facilities. We will seek greater engagement with families, schools, and neighborhood life, all in partnership with other believers.


Reaching into surrounding communities and beyond will involve extending our active ministry “reach” to those within a ten-minute drive of University Place, and seeking to plant new Christ-centered ministries in areas of need that are beyond that radius.

our core values

  • We value God’s unchanging truth, flowing through humble and genuine relationships.
  • We value Christ above all and people above programs.
  • We value the gospel, flavoring every relationship and program.
  • We value unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials, and love in all things.
  • We value our church family, our local community, and our world, recognizing our God-given responsibility for all three.

If you have questions, please contact us!